Smart PC Mechanic removal guide. How to uninstall Smart PC Mechanic?

The Smart PC Mechanic is an illegitimate or doubtful system tool that is promoting itself as a free advantage program and Microsoft Gold partner that solves common performance problems and remove various problems like malware, hijackers, adware and so on. This software uses misleading tactics and thus can be considered … Continue reading

About site removal guide is a site what allows you to download files from popular recourses like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and others. Why this site here? Well, last 3 letters was what I received in my email was like – “Hey check this site, please, can I trust it?”. Yes, this site didn’t … Continue reading

How to get rid of KNCTR (PUP)

According to developers KNCTR was created to allow users to call for free, connect to different social network and many other functions “KNCTR gives you the ability to stay connected with the people that matter most. Call any mobile or landline phone number across North America, absolutely FREE!”. It actually … Continue reading

How to handle with Locky virus

This guide was created for any user who faced with this virus. Locky is an infected .doc file what become really dangerous today. As soon as you open this file, all files on your computer will be crypted to .locky extension and you can’t use them anymore. All are encrypted … Continue reading

Delete Javaws.exe from your computer

If your computer start to work slow you should check if your computer infected with Javaws.exe. Often you can find Javaws.exe (or Javaw.exe, Javaws32.exe Javaws64.exe, Javaws.exe * 32, Javaws.exe * 64) if you check Task Manager, in the description you will find that is some part of Java update but … Continue reading

Ads by Re-Markit removal instruction

Re-Markit is an app what, according to developers, claims to enhance the Internet browsing experience by integrating text highlighting and search/share functions. This app will show many deals and offers from all the Internet on different items. It actually can be a good place for getting low cost things, but … Continue reading

Delete PPS Video Player from your computer

PPS Video Player is an app what, according to developers, help user with online shopping. This app will show to the user many deals and offers from all the Internet. It actually can be a good place for getting low cost things, but PPS Video Player is classified as adware … Continue reading

Omniboxes removal guide

Omniboxes (or is a web site what what looks like an average site with search engine and allow user to find what they need on the INternet. Unfortunately, this is another browser hijacker what install on your computer without any notifications and will infect all browsers on your computer … Continue reading

MixBox removal tips

MixBox is an app what allow users to listen audio with a high quality, personalize playlist and track your music history “See what’s new in the world of music, and find out what the most popular current songs are. Browse through top songs by your favorite artists, and listen for … Continue reading

How to remove MapsWorld app

MapsWorld or MapsWorldapp is application what allows any user use global map to find the right direction for travel online. This what creators of MapsWorld said about this app on its homepage -“MapsWorld is the BEST directions and map utility available on the web. After downloading (which only takes a … Continue reading