Wintup.exe from Roaming Uninstallation Tips

Wintup.exe process appears in Task Manager after daily browsing finishing with installation of some software. This is nothing else but malware penetration. Users often meet suspicious Roaming folder on their computers despite the fact that its origin is unknown to them. You can find the process location with the help … Continue reading

Wintup.exe hijacker removal instruction

Software like Wintup.exe is definitely malicious, hackers use it with advertising purpose and with the aim to monitor users traffic and gather search terms. This malware refers to the hijacker and can be classified as potentially unwanted to keep in the system. As a rule, hijackers install adware to generate … Continue reading

Remove Wintup.exe process in the Roaming folder

Wintup.exe process in the Task Manager is a sign of computer infection that is conducting own malicious activities right now. It means that your computer got recently contaminated with dangerous unwanted application which created Roaming folder that can be seen in Task Manager. You can find the process location with … Continue reading