Ways to remove BoBrowser ads

BoBrowser said that if user use this browser he will have better browsing speed, would see any ads (it will be blocked) and his browsing will be secure, no private information will be stolen. What a wonderful thing. Buy BoBrowser just another tricky adware. When you start to using BoBrowser … Continue reading

CouponDropDown Adware removal guide

CouponDropDown add-on what help users with shopping online – “CouponDropDown will change the way you shop online. After installation, coupons available for the site you”re browsing automatically appear in an easy to use list. Just look at the CouponDropDown bar at the bottom of your browser to see how many … Continue reading

How to remove DealGrabbers ads

DealGrabbers, according to developers, will help users saved money and time while shopping online. DealGrabbers will show best price and off sales, so user can choose the best price and buy something. Unfortunately DealGrabbers is just another PUP and adware what can infect any kinds of browser like Google Chrome, … Continue reading

AdChoices removal guide

adchoices adware

AdChoices is app what according to the creators help users with shopping online. AdChoices will show best price and sales on different stuff on the Internet. But actually AdChoices is just another adware and unwanted program what infect many computers nowadays. AdChoices can get into the different browsers like Google … Continue reading

Search.protectedio.com homepage (removal guide)

Search.protectedio.com is a fake search engine what infect many computers nowadays. Search.protectedio.com classified as malicious website because it becomes your homepage without any permission. Also, it can scan your browser activity and show annoying pop-ups every time you use it. Lets have a closer look at Search.protectedio.com Search.protectedio.com become your … Continue reading

How to delete CrossBrowse app

CrossBrowse is a browser app what offer to the users – “Crossbrowse helps you to…Keep your privacy and personal info to yourself Browse in the speed you can actually gain”. But actually this is another PUP (potentially unwanted program) what will install automatic without user permission. CrossBrowse will infect all … Continue reading

Ways to remove AllDaySale add-on

According to creators of AllDaySale this add-on help users save their money while shopping via the Internet. “Use the AllDaySalebrowser add on and start shopping today without hurting your budget. It’s the complete online shopping tool that gives you the ultimate advantage of comparing the nest deals, discounts, and promotions … Continue reading

MyAppsCloud adware (removal guide)

MyAppsCloud is an application what will check for new updates to all your software. This what creators of the app said on their official site – “Many applications are installed on our system and it is hard to keep track of all of them. MyAppsCloud monitors and checks for new … Continue reading

Ways to remove DealXplorer add-on

As developers said DealXplorer app is really useful app what help users save their time and money during shopping online. DealXplorer will show the best prices and sales to the user, so he didn”t need any additional money.”DealXplorer is a light-weight browser extension that simply shows users the best deals … Continue reading

How to remove DislikeOnFB app

Developers of the DislikeOnFB assert that this application will allows users puts “Dislikes” in their Facebook and see what other users think about post, photo, etc. But it’s only a to your divert attention, actually DislikeOnFB is another potential unwanted program and adware. DislikeOnFB deserve it because it can be … Continue reading