How to remove SmartPurple add-on

SmartPurple add-on

  SmartPurple is a new browser add-on what become popular really fast. This tricky fellow can appear after you install  free unlicensed software from the internet. Every time you use browser you will be shown lot’s of ads that’s really annoying. By doing this SmartPurple will get money for their creator. Also, it can steam … Continue reading

CoupMania adware removal guide

CoupMania adware

  CoupMania is an adware extension for your browser. Some of the users may consider this add-on useful, but it is not. Though this extension is not a malicious software by design, some other malware programs can get inside of your system through it. CoupMania can be insalled on your … Continue reading

Removal guide for NiceOffers ads

NiceOffers ads

 NiceOffers  is another add-on for your browser. You can notice NiceOffers after you download and install software from the Internet. There are millions of suspicious sites what can infect your PC with such add-on. Often viruses like this sewn to the program and install without user permission.  This is the technique how free programs raise money … Continue reading browser hijacker removal guide virus – browser hijacker whit going to do mess on your computer. install with other software what was downloaded from the internet. This software will be installed without any permission from users. And as soon as it appears it become to show lots of ads and banner to users. Sometimes will show you … Continue reading

How to remove Browser Shop ads

Browser Shop ads

 Browser Shop is an advertising platform used by many dubious websites that promote potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). This means that you can get more viruses from the internet. In additional you will see a lot of ads in your search engine. It’s very annoying and slow down your computer.  You can find Browser Shop … Continue reading

Get rid of Smart AD adware

Get rid of Smart Ad adware

 Smart AD adware that usually show you two sited – MovieDea and Games Desktop. Both of them change your browser settings so you will always will sow them no matter you will do. MovieDea and Games Desktop infiltrate systems during installation of regular apps, display intrusive online ads, and track Internet browsing activity. In addition, … Continue reading

CinemaP-1.4cV19.07 removal guide

CinemaP-1.4cV19.07 add-on

CinemaP-1.4cV19.07 it’s browser add-on which was upgraded recently. It’s still dangerous like the other version of it, so don’t waste your time and remove it! This add-on can be appear after you install different free software from the internet. If you really need to install some free soft you should check all options in … Continue reading

Get rid of MovieDea browser extension

MovieDea Browser extension

 MovieDea is presented as a legitimate browser extension allowing users to find information about various motion pictures and TV series.  This browser add-on may appear to be legitimate and useful, however, MovieDea is categorized as adware. Using a deceptive software marketing method called ‘bundling’, this potentially unwanted program (PUP) stealthily installs … Continue reading

Get rid of NiceAndFun adware

NiceAndFun virus.

  NiceAndFun is an extension for your Internet Browser. This application isn’t malicious by its nature, but you still can be infected through it. Add-on can be installed during the installation process of another program, when you forget to change some checkbox. This extension was created to raise some money to … Continue reading

Get rid of add-on now! it’s browser add-on program, what can appear after you install free soft from the Internet. This Virus can be added to the system of the user without his permission. This is the method, how free programs raise money for their creators. You installed a free program and it downloaded one more program … Continue reading