What is Osiris ransomware

What is .Osiris? Osiris is a new variant of .Locky virus ransomware what classified as virus similar to many other crypter viruses. Osiris was discovered by R0bert R0senb0rg. Following infiltration, Osiris encrypts stored data using asymmetric cryptography and often rename files to (8-random-characters)-(4-random-characters)-(4-random-characters)-(8-random-characters)-(12-random-characters).osiris. For example, “Test.txt” might be renamed to … Continue reading

Remove DNSUnlocker from your computer

Get rid of DNSUnlocker

 Notice DNSUnlocker on your computer? This browser extension is often installed with other software what you download from the internet. If you didn’t read agreement license during the installation process, you can get some unwanted software when it’s finished.  DNSUnlocker  will change your browser settings so you will see another site instead of your … Continue reading

Remove Fuq.Com unwanted redirects

Well, I was really shocked when receive so many letters about Fuq.Com site. “Yes” its site with adult content, “Yes” you can infect with it even if you didn”t visit it at all. Face the truth – Fuq.Com is browser hijacker what easily can appear on your computer. Often with … Continue reading

What is Mustang Browser

Mustang Browser is a Chrome-based browser what, as the developers mention, a lot more fast and secure browser. You won”t see any ads or pop ups while using Mustang Browser. These fake promises often trick users into thinking that Mustang Browser is a completely legitimate application. Actually Mustang Browser is … Continue reading

How to remove Sirefef malware

Sirefef(ZeroAccess) or how many antivirus detect it – Trojan.Sirefef is a serious malware what noticed all over the Internet today. This malicious software was created to infect many computers and give remote access to their creators. This bot can infect any computer and spread lots of viruses on infected machines … Continue reading

How to handle with Locky virus

This guide was created for any user who faced with this virus. Locky is an infected .doc file what become really dangerous today. As soon as you open this file, all files on your computer will be crypted to .locky extension and you can’t use them anymore. All are encrypted … Continue reading

How to get rid of Checked List adware

Checked List is an app what help user with online shopping. This app will show many deals and offers from all the Internet on different items. It actually can be a good place for getting low cost things, but Checked List is classified as adware and potentially unwanted program (pup). … Continue reading

Computer-restore.com removal instruction

Computer-restore.com is browser add-on what was created for comfort shopping on the Internet. The user will see many different sales and offers, so he can buy anything for lower price. Many users probably didn”t notice anything bad (online millions ads), but this app is another adware and potentially unwanted program … Continue reading

Delete Javaws.exe from your computer

If your computer start to work slow you should check if your computer infected with Javaws.exe. Often you can find Javaws.exe (or Javaw.exe, Javaws32.exe Javaws64.exe, Javaws.exe * 32, Javaws.exe * 64) if you check Task Manager, in the description you will find that is some part of Java update but … Continue reading

Remove Junk Cleaner from your computer

Junk Cleaner is app what will clean users PC from junk software and help user save more free space on computer. This what developer said on the official site “Junk Cleaner is one of the finest PC performance tools available in the market today, when it comes to improving performance … Continue reading