Category: Hijackers

Browser hijacker
Is a type of malicious software that modifies a web browser’s settings without a user’s permission. It redirects your start page to cyber criminal’s own start page, replaces search results with its own data. Browser hijacker aims to overwhelm your browser with undesirable adverts.

Some browser hijackers intend to gather such sensitive information as banking and e-mail authentication data. This becomes possible with the help of spyware, for example keyloggers. Browser hijacker is able to disrupt the registry of Windows systems.

Those, who already have browser hijacker on their computers, may see that their search is getting redirected to different websites or their homepage or search engine is changed without any permission. Slow load of webpages or slew of pop-ups adverts can also be signs of browser hijackers activity.

The possibility to reverse browser hijacking is not permanent. Consequently, various software packages are used to prevent such modification.

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