Category: Adware

Adware is a kind of software used to display advertising banners. It aims to overwhelm you with endless ads and pop-ups. Adware turns a profit for its author by means of showing adverts in the user interface of the software or on a toolbar on your computer or browser. But the methods of doing this can be intrusive and sometimes dangerous.

Aware is originally created for computers, but mobile devices can also have it.

Despite its annoyance, adware can gather your personal information, track your traffic and even record your keystrokes. The worst thing about adware is demolishing your security settings in order to monitor your online activities and show adverts where they normally must be banned. Hackers tend to use these security gaps for malvertising that is the use of online advertising to spread malware.

As a rule, adware doesn’t report about its appearing. You will have no signs of the program in your computer’s system tray. Adware can get into your computer using two ways. In one case, it can be included within some freeware or shareware programs. In another case, adware is a result of visiting an infected website. redirects

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