Remove Status77 Search

Status77 Search is a browser hijacker that generates money for its developers by showing users commercial advertisements, so if it ever shows up on your browsers, do not expect much from it. To be frank, it is even not advisable to use this search tool to search for the information … Continue reading

Remove Homepage is a suspicious website that professes itself as search engine. Its undertaking to trick computer users is somehow plausible. Many web users fall victims to and it is now set as the default home page of their browser. There will be no visible hazard except for outdone home … Continue reading

How to remove SongsFriendly

SongsFriendly – is a simple ad-supported program, which claims to improve web-browsers by adding different functions. It can be installed into next browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge with Internet Explorer. Actually, even SongsFriendly gives to user additional functions, it still can bring the troubles. Displayed ads (banners, videos, … Continue reading

Remove from Chrome, Firefox & IE is a questionable website promoted by a browser hijacker. It will be set as your homepage, new tabs and search engine (ProcSearch) on all browsers installed if the hijacker has infected your system. It’s not a malicious computer infection and it will not harm your computer directly. However, the … Continue reading Removal

The reason behind redirects is usually an advertising-supported program. Adware causes various disturbances including flooding users with ads, modifying their browser settings, and causing redirects. Although the app itself may not be malicious, it certainly is not something you should keep in your system. In addition to the already … Continue reading

How to remove Hijacker – is a typical malicious adware, that infects popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. After infecting, hijacker replaces homepage and default search engine by This website contains search bar, but everything it does is scanning whole user browser activity. It is not good, because … Continue reading

How Should I Remove Virus Effectively?

In the surface, is an identifiable searching website. And it is very common to see this through the internet. If you know its mechanism, you will know that it is not common and this is a hijacker on the browsers. When it controls the browsers, it casting a shallow … Continue reading