Remove virus adware (guide)

Today, adware attack internet browsers. Usually, your Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer may be redirected to when you surf on the web. This web page will pop up, if your PC is infected with malware. You should get rid of it and all other unsafe elements from your computer. … Continue reading

Remove search engine is a dubious search engine and a browser hijacker. It must have entered your computer along with free software and you did not notice it being attached. In this case, you need to start paying more attention to how you install freeware. Fortunately, is a very low-risk infection … Continue reading

Remove Redirect is a browser hijacker, and you can’t anticipate when and where you will get it on your PC. Also, once it shows up, it is troublesome for you to dump it. It is a perilous site. It fakes like a search page and has the parts as the google’s. … Continue reading

How to delete ads

{[keyword1] ads} are products of an unwanted suspicious program. As this program shows hundreds of different commercial advertisements, we call it adware. If you have ever encountered an advertising-supported application (adware), you probably know that these programs have only one aim in mind, i.e. to provide users with commercial advertisements … Continue reading

Remove PcActivator rogue scanner

PcActivator is a misleading tool that reports false infections, displays various fake security alerts to force you to believe that your computer is infected as method to trick you to purchase so-called full version of the software. This software is very dangerous computer parasite that simulates a system scan and … Continue reading